Paiements rapides

Fast Payment

Payment methods

MANDARIN GAMING NV provides its clients with a simple and efficient gaming environment. Thus, for all handling of financial details, MANDARIN GAMING NV has put a system in place, which allows players to carry out their money deposits and to receive payments of their winnings, in a quick and simple fashion. On MANDARIN GAMING NV, players can choose between credit card and electronic wallet, to carry out their financial transactions.

  • By choosing credit card payments, the transaction amounts are converted with the exchange rate in place. Exchange fees may also be implemented by the company who provides the credit card. A player who has made a prior payment with a different payment method, can, later, according to his preference and at his own discretion, opt for the credit card payment option. In that case, the player must firstly create a special account, at his bank, for his credit card. Payment methods modifications are done, only at the client’s request and are entirely his responsibility.

  • By choosing payment by electronic wallet, you must have a client account with one of Casino Riva’s partners, online payment companies such as Neteller, MoneyBookers, Click2Pay, Click and Buy, Giropay and Ticket Premium. This quick and simple payment method is entirely at the player’s discretion. This payment method allows the user to be directly debited whenever he wishes to play our games.

Payment of winnings

Any player may, at any time, ask to be refunded for the entire amount or a part of his winnings. This can be done either through his bank account, or through his electronic wallet. The refund of winnings can be subject to differing payment times, depending on the payment method chosen:

  • If the player chose to receive his winnings through his electronic wallet, the refund can take a maximum of 48 hours.

  • If the player chose to receive his winnings, using his bank account, the refund can take between 1 and 5 days. The time that the refund takes varies, depending on traffic connected to the number of player refunds and also depending on the player’s bank.