Termes et Conditions

Conditions games and services offered by CASINO RIVA bringing V1.1 .

This Regulation shall apply to all services offered by Global Internet Ltd, which are accessible from the website www.casinoriva.com , hereinafter " CASINO RIVA ."
This regulation was filed by the SCP and Hauguel Schambourg , bailiffs , whose offices are located at 14, rue du Faubourg Saint- Honoré 75008 Paris , France , dated August 4, 2010 Study : PV20703530 .

CASINO RIVA allows players to purchase tokens and then redeem against items offered in its online store , the latter being available from its website " www.casinoriva.com " , hereinafter the "Site " .

With these tokens , players can participate in the games offered by CASINO RIVA and in real mode.

1 . Opening and managing player account

1.1 - Opening of account
When registering on the website CASINO RIVA , the player is given a personal player account. To register and open his account , the Player needs to provide the following information:

• a valid email address , temporary and anonymous emails are strictly prohibited;
• a telephone number which Player is the holder ( the invoice for this phone number must be in the name of the player ) ;
• a user name ;
• a secret password ;
• confirmation that the person opening the account is majeure;
• recognition of all applicable services on the Site regulations.


With the account open and the Player may purchase tokens that will be credited to the player account and play games offered by CASINO RIVA .

1.2 . - Account Organization
CASINO RIVA each account consists of 2 sections:
• Section Account chips: As its name suggests, it is on this account that is credited tokens acquired by the Player or earned by playing the games offered by Global Internet Ltd . Only tokens available on this account can be played and exchanged.
• Section Account bonus tokens obtained through the offers and bonuses offered by CASINO RIVA are credited to this account.

2 . Account holder

2.1 . - Conditions of ownership of the account
An account holder is defined as the player who opened an account on the Site CASINO RIVA , in order to enjoy the games and services offered by Global Internet Ltd .
It is strictly forbidden that any player has more than one account on a CASINO RIVA and same household ( a household is defined as one or more living in the same home and / or at the same address individuals) opens more a single account. If any of these provisions is violated, CASINO RIVA reserves the right to punish the person concerned in accordance with Article 9.2 "Sanction " Regulation .
Each player has a personal account, which therefore can not be transferred. This means that the said account holder shall undertake to prevent any unauthorized use of their account , directly or indirectly.

2.2 . - Use of user names and passwords
Personal information provided by the Player to CASINO RIVA when soninscription are strictly confidential. The Player agrees and acknowledges that it is his sole responsibility to keep his sensitive personal data. Such data include the email address and / or phone number Player and password and / or PIN. The Player agrees to inform CASINO RIVA in writing promptly of any unauthorized use of its password and / or personal and / or user name code.

2.3 . - Automatic Closing of account
On behalf of a player will be automatically suspended if the player in question does not connect to their account and / or does not have access to games and services offered by Global Internet in a twelve month period . This twelve-month period is extended when the player connects again . In case of suspension of the Player's account , tokens available on the account of said player are automatically lost.

2.4 . - Closure of account on request Player
Accordance with Article 9 of this Regulation , the Player may at any time move the closure of his account, by contacting customer CASINO RIVA service phone number or email address listed on the site .
The player will receive a confirmation email immediately closed by its services CASINO RIVA account. The email in question indicate the date and exact time of the closing of the account . As of this official date , the Player will not be allowed to create a new account on the website CASINO RIVA , unless it has expressly requested from customer service CASINO RIVA . Only the client CASINO RIVA service is authorized to permit the opening of a new account, through a letter sent to the Player .
However, if it should happen that a player was able to open a new account without being authorized CASINO RIVA reserves the right to treat all interests in its games and services made from this new account as null and void , and do not make payment of any potential gains won by the player .

3 . Purchase tokens
3.1 - How to buy tokens
Any player registered on the website CASINO RIVA may acquire tokens using one of the following methods :
• Credit Card ;
• Prepaid Card ;
• Electronic wallet

CASINO RIVA may at any time propose to his players other methods to purchase tokens.
Chips purchased on the player account is always used before the bonus .

3.2 . - Bonus Tokens
3.2.1 - Obtaining bonus chips
Player can get bonus tokens, which will be credited to their bonus account when participating in any promotional offers that he has the right , and after making a purchase chips accordance with the terms and conditions specific to the offer in question .
Each bonus is subject to wagering requirements . Specifically, Playthrough represents the number of times the amount that must be wagered for each bonus reward or each free bonus before requesting an exchange request tokens . In case the player has another bonus when his credit is greater than 0 or the previous Playthrough bonus was not entirely consumed, the system will combine the last 2 Playthrough bonus . The following games will not be taken into account in the calculation of Playthrough : Roulettes , BlackJack , BlackJack Multihand , Craps, Baccarat , Battle, Let Them Ride , Red Dog , Speed ​​Wheel, Heads or Tails , Easy Roulette, Hot Dice , Football Scores , Wheel of Fortune , Rock Paper Scissors, Boule, 100x Poker Play, 25x Deuce Poker , Poker Pursuit , Stud Poker, Caribbean Poker , Casino Hold'em, Poker 3 Cards , Punto Banco , Casino High Low.

3.2.2 - Transfer chips from the bonus account to the account fees
Player can not play or exchange tokens that have been credited to their bonus account . Only tokens that have been transferred to the account fees Player can be played or converted .

3.2.3 - Bonus Seeker . Bonus Seeker , according CASINO RIVA , a customer who abuses the bonus offered to the first chip purchase or during regular promotions (10 % - 100 % bonus ) and exchange tokens to play only with the chips offered by CASINO RIVA , and this repeatedly.
A user can use his rewards promotions only if the last transaction in relation to financial services is a chip purchase . From the moment a user exchange tokens of his account, CASINO RIVA reserves the right to block the use of bonuses and other rewards promotions. CASINO RIVA like to remind users that the bonuses do not form part of chip purchases . . Any abusive and repetitive use of promotions offered by CASINO RIVA when purchasing tokens (including but not limited to special offers from our partners for payments , our certificates and / or our reward certificates ) by depositing only a minimum amount in order to play with the bonus can bring CASINO RIVA , in its sole discretion, to categorize the user to " bonus Seeker " or block and / or terminate the user as well as all transactions are being linked account. . The use of certificate without prior purchase of tokens, which in no way saves can not categorize any user of " Bonus Seeker ." . From the moment CASINO RIVA declares a " Bonus Seeker " user, that user will no longer receive any promotional bonus . . CASINO RIVA reserves the right to categorize a user " Bonus Seeker " in the following cases:
If the user uses only bonus coupons to play on their behalf;
If the amount of bonus coupons played is greater than the total amount deposited by the user;
If the user uses more than one bonus per day.

4 . Exchange tokens

4.1 - Terms of token exchange
As mentioned above , only CASINO RIVA chips lying on chips a player account can be traded . Tokens can be redeemed against items offered in the online store 's website or against money. Player wishing to exchange their chips will first have completed the information referred to in Article 1.

4.2 - Exchange of tokens against products
Tokens can be redeemed against items from the online store 's website .

4.2.1 - Terms of delivery
The item ordered from the online store 's website will only be sent to the account holder from which the item in question have been ordered.
At the time of receipt of the order the Player CASINO RIVA will ensure the availability of the items ordered. If unavailable or out of stock, CASINO RIVA will either offer a similar item at a similar price also , or re-credit the Player's account the amount of chips that had been converted when ordering Player , and within 30 days of confirmation of the order . If the item is available , they will be delivered within 30 days of confirmation of the order .
The date of validation of the order corresponds to that at which the Player has received confirmation of the transaction number by email .

4.2.2 . - Product Warranty
In case of problem with a controlled and / or delivered product , the Player will contact CASINO RIVA to know how to proceed .
The shipping of the items costs are charged to the player who made ​​the order. However, if the product does not conform to the applicable (x ) item ( s) return (s), the player will be reimbursed for all costs related to return.

4.3 - Exchange of tokens against money
Tokens are converted on the basis of 1 tokens for 1 euro , and from one of the internet services offered by CASINO RIVA . Any request for exchange of tokens is taken into account immediately. The minimum number of coins needed to switch into silver is 20 tokens.
CASINO RIVA offers many free bonuses such as welcome bonuses , loyalty , reactivation of your account and many others , allowing you to play without prior purchase tokens. CASINO RIVA however please note that you will be entitled to exchange any money offered by this bonus after you have made a purchase of minimum fees 30 € and after fulfilling the wagering requirements ( Playthrough ) .

Only Account Holders who have fully completed their sheet ( including but not limited to their RIB or RIP ) can access the conversion section of the website CASINO RIVA . In addition, only the Holders who have previously submitted the following documents may receive payment of their trade chips:
• Identity (ID , passport or driving license card);
• Proof of address ( electricity, water or gas bill) dated within 3 months. This evidence is required only for accounts created by the Internet;
• Invoice phone number used as an identifier within the meaning of Article 1 of this Regulation and not older than 3 months;
• bank or postal identity Record ( RIB or RIP ) ;
• A copy of the credit card or used by the player to make the purchases of chips.

If the Player has used a mobile phone with a prepaid card, a copy of the contract to open the line for the phone number listed in the datasheet will be systematically asked him , in place of the phone bill mentioned above .

Player can transmit the necessary documents by post to :

Global Internet LTD
Flat 1, 26 Cleveland Road
South Woodford , London
E18 2AN

The player also has the ability to provide these documents by email to: info@casinoriva.com

4.3.1 . - Payment Methods
Several methods are available for the payment of money exchange counters, namely : bank transfer, credit card payment , electronic portfolio. Player must therefore provide their bank or postal account number ( RIB or RIP ) , must to his name, in addition to other required information .
The Player agrees that he will not formally allowed to make any exchange , as well as a section of the virtual store against that money, if some of the information specified in Article 1 of this Regulation are incomplete or incorrect

4.3.2 . - Limitations
As a reminder, the tokens received after a purchase made by the player on his player account can only be used to purchase items on the virtual shop CASINO RIVA or to participate in a proposed CASINO RIVA game . In any case , it is authorized to purchase chips in the main exchange against money without acquiring items or participated in games CASINO RIVA goal.
To fight against this misuse, CASINO RIVA carry out the necessary checks for each exchange request money chips to establish the fees in question were acquired for the primary purpose of acquiring items or participate in game CASINO RIVA .

In the course of those investigations , CASINO RIVA take account in particular the proportion of chips that have served to participate in games CASINO RIVA or purchase items .

5 . Participation in games

5.1 - General
Participating in games CASINO RIVA (hereinafter referred to as " Games ") , Players can earn coins and then exchange them against items or amounts in cash .
Please also note that the average holdings vary games CASINO RIVA which the player participates .

5.2 . - Participation in Games
The Account Holder is the only person authorized to use the tokens available in his account. To this end , access to the player's account is protected by a personal code .
The Account Holder must be a natural person .
Any persons employed by the following organizations , and none of the members of their households and their families (including parents , spouses, children, brothers and sisters ...) is allowed to open a player account CASINO RIVA :

• companies that helped develop , organize , implement and disseminate the game and / or promotion ;
• SCP Hauguel and Schambourg bailiff firm.

CASINO RIVA reserves the right to exclude any of its games player who would take part in an inappropriate manner and / or unfair (eg the use of a "robot" or any other method that may allow the player to automate all or part of the proceedings of its participation in the game, with no physical presence or action on his part ) or impair the proper functioning of games CASINO RIVA . In such cases , the interests of the Player in question will be considered null and void , without prejudice to any damages that CASINO RIVA and / or its service providers may be forced to require the Player , in case any damage was suffered by CASINO RIVA and / or its suppliers .

Similarly , CASINO RIVA reserves the right to exclude any player who Games manifest signs of addiction or addictive behavior would or addictive tendency . This includes players which obviously they do not participate in games CASINO RIVA in a playful or spending inappropriate or excessive time on games and services CASINO RIVA . In general, any Player from more than two hours a day on games and services CASINO RIVA can be considered as having a gambling addiction

Finally, CASINO RIVA also reserves the right to exclude any of its games player who commits acts of malicious , misleading and / or unauthorized , which includes but is not limited to:

• intentional communication of personal data incorrect, misleading or non- valid;
• the implementation of intentional disruption and / or operating error , in order to influence the course and / or outcome of the game ;
• opening multiple player accounts ;
• the use of a method of play that allows him to reduce or even eliminate any chance on the outcome of the game session ;

More generally, CASINO RIVA reserves the right , if abusifen behavior associated with the use of its services, inactivate / exclude a player or a player's account without prior notice and to cancel its participation in games.
Similarly , CASINO RIVA reserves the right to make all the necessary checks to ensure the validity of entries Player Games CASINO RIVA , as well as the veracity of the information provided by the Player to customer service CASINO RIVA and saved on personal customer record . In order to perform these checks, CASINO RIVA reserves the right, without prior notification, to inactivate a Player's account , for the time necessary checks .

5.3 . - Mode of Participation
Player must enter schedules and games in which he participated when completing an application for reimbursement ( see Art. 8 of this Regulation) .

5.3.1 - Participations Internet
Player can participate in games CASINO RIVA by logging onto the Internet, the " www.casinoriva.com " website published by Global Internet Limited.
For this, the player must have open a player account on CASINO RIVA .
Once connected to the player account using the user name and his personal password , simply select the Player of the Game which he wishes to play .
To participate in games CASINO RIVA via Internet , the Player must be used for each entry , a token whose unit value is 0.01 € .

5.3.2 - The multiplayers games and live

The multiplayers games live , including Classic Roulette Live Roulette Multiplayer Roulette and Live / Auto are not available if the balance of the player contains one or more active bonus . The player in question shall first use this or these bonus remaining in the fund on any other games of choice.

6 . Principle , depreciation and payment of prizes

6.1 . - Principle and endowments games
The specific regulations for each game clarify the principle and endowments specific game concerned. Regulation games CASINO RIVA contains all applicable games CASINO RIVA regulations.
The Player acknowledges and agrees that all fees earned during his participation in the games remain the property of CASINO RIVA until the chips in question are traded or lost in Player's participation in the games.

6.2 . - Payment of winnings
Players who have won chips during their participation in games CASINO RIVA will receive the number of tokens corresponding to their gain. These tokens will be credited to their account tokens at the end of the party to which they played .
On the occasion of a marketing operation, CASINO RIVA may involve lots and / or prices other than chips. In such cases , the terms and conditions specific to the operation indicate how to recover the said lots and / or price.

6.3 . - Warranty and liability
CASINO RIVA Player guarantees the veracity of lots and / or prizes as well as its complete impartiality in regard to the conduct of its Games .
The Player acknowledges and recognizes all the characteristics and specific servers CASINO RIVA technical limitations . This means that in case of failure of its servers or its games CASINO RIVA reserves the right to cancel all or part of the interests of player that would have occurred during the period of dysfunction , especially when or games involved no longer work in accordance with their regulations.

CASINO RIVA reserves the right at any time and in its sole discretion , suspend, interrupt, alter and / or terminate its games . CASINO RIVA deposit , any amendments to the CPA and Hauguel Schambourg , bailiff in Paris , and announce it on its web servers.

CASINO RIVA will not be held responsible in any way by the Participant and to malfunctions , failures and / or errors , including but not limited to the following cases:

• malfunction of postal services, telephone , Internet or technical equipment and electronics CASINO RIVA , and the transmission of any data or information;
• any suspension , interruption, termination or alteration of the game;
• any failure or error due to faulty transmission via the telephone network and / or Internet or a technical fault preventing or limiting the opportunity to participate in the Game

7 . Repayment terms
Players can obtain a refund of their costs of participation in the Games, to the extent that they meet the following conditions :
Player must apply for reimbursement by one of the following ways :
• internet on site www.casinoriva.com or any other website published by CASINO RIVA ;
• by mail to the following address: Internet Global Ltd, Flat 1, 26 Cleveland Road, South Woodford , London, E18 2AN , England.


Player must make any request for refund within 30 days from the date of its participation in the games . Once this deadline has passed , the player can not make a claim.

The Player may not seek reimbursement only tokens that have provided access to participation in a game In any case, the player may withdraw the "bonus" if he has not obtained fulfilled the wagering requirements ( Playthrough ) related to the bonus question.
When the player makes a request for reimbursement, he must provide the following information:
• the user name ;
• contact information;
• a photocopy of his identity card ;
• the date and time of his participation in the game ;
• the screen every time he made ​​the catch ;
• any other document serving as proof of purchase tokens.

CASINO RIVA will reimburse the Player connection fees upon presentation of an invoice from its ISP .
CASINO RIVA also agrees to make any payment within one month from the date of receipt of the request of the player .

It should be noted that bank transfers to accounts or our partners will be made at each beginning of the month following the request for reimbursement Player .
CASINO RIVA reserves the right to make checks on each exchange request money chips to ensure that the player has initially used the token to participate in a proposed CASINO RIVA game, or to purchase an item on the virtual shop CASINO RIVA .

CASINO RIVA reserves the right to make all necessary checks to validate claims.
In no event shall the total amount of refunds requested may not exceed either the total amount that the player will actually incurred to participate in the Game, or the total amount of chips purchased on the account.

In any case, a player may not request reimbursement of direct costs of participation in the game if he did not himself committed or if he can not prove that he has incurred.
In case of dispute , CASINO RIVA also reserves the right to request additional evidence Player .
CASINO RIVA reimburse participation exclusively to the person who incurred the expenses , including if it is not the player .
CASINO RIVA pay any refunds by check letter to the coordinates provided by the Player when applying for reimbursement, and within one month from the receipt of the completed forms .

Where appropriate, the Player will be reimbursed for postage relating to the request for disclosure of this Regulation, the slow rate. For this, it suffices to Player make a request in writing.
The Player acknowledges and agrees that the fees earned are the property of CASINO RIVA up their exchange against items or money, or until their loss.

As a reminder, the reimbursement forms must be mailed to the following address :

Global Internet Ltd
Flat 1, 26 Cleveland Road
South Woodford , London
E18 2AN , England

No correspondence with an abnormality (eg if the application for reimbursement Player is incomplete, illegible or postage due ) will be taken into account.
This Regulation (PV 20703530 ) is deposited at the office of Master Hauguel and Schambourg , bailiffs in Paris 8th of August 4, 2010.

8 . Provide evidence
In case of dispute , it will be the responsibility of the player to provide the necessary evidence to prove that it has won a prize following his participation in a game
CASINO RIVA has a computer filing system , which notably allows to keep all data connections and operation of its servers. The Player acknowledges and agrees that the archived data will probative value , for any reason whatsoever.
In addition, the Player acknowledges and recognizes that by participating in the games offered by CASINO RIVA , he accepts and submits unreservedly to this Regulation. CASINO RIVA reserves the right to exclude any player who does not comply with this Regulation.

9 . Prevention, control and sanctions

9.1 . - Prevention and Control
To fight against fraud, CASINO RIVA reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, block the account of a player for a maximum period of one month.
In such a case, the player will no longer be able to access their player account, inter alia to transact , or play games CASINO RIVA . Similarly , all outstanding transactions Player will be suspended for the duration of the blocking of his account.

9.2 . - Sanctions
9.2.1 - General Provisions
If the Player does not meet any of the applicable provisions of the games and services regulations CASINO RIVA , RIVA CASINO reserves the right to pursue one or more of the following sanctions against the player :

The player will receive a warning from CASINO RIVA when it does not respect the point of this Regulation, it has been non-compliant behavior in the spirit of service or for any other reason deemed legitimate by CASINO RIVA . The Player will be notified of the warning by phone or email . The warning will also be noted on the Record Player . If the player receives two warnings, he will be suspended from his account on CASINO RIVA .

A suspension for a period of 1 to 6 months
Player's account is closed for a limited time and the player does not have the ability to open another account for the duration of the exclusion.

Final and permanent exclusion
Player's account is closed for an indefinite period . Player does not have the ability to open another account, and finally and permanently.
If the Player is the subject of exclusion , whether temporary or permanent , CASINO RIVA will close the account in question Player after completing a comprehensive review of the operations and transactions conducted on behalf of the Player.

9.2.2 - related username Sanction
CASINO RIVA reserves the right to block immediate manner on behalf of a player who chose a racially offensive vulgar user name, or more generally immoral , at the time of account creation . In any case , the Player shall not be entitled to reopen the account or the payment of conversions.
A Player who has seen blocked for one of the reasons cited in the previous paragraph will have the opportunity to challenge the penalty by sending an email to the following address include: info@casinoriva.com

10 . Participants properties
Participating in games and receiving a prize , the winner authorizes CASINO RIVA to use and distribute, for marketing and promotional purposes , their name, address , picture (animated or not ) as well as the city and its Department of Player home , on any media whatsoever, for a period of 1 year from the payment of the price. Moreover , the Player agrees and acknowledges that he can not claim any rights or compensation except for the payment of a price . If a winner is opposed to the use of its coordinates, it must notify CASINO RIVA by sending an email to the following address:

Global Internet Ltd
Flat 1, 26 Cleveland Road
South Woodford , London
E18 2AN , England

In addition, CASINO RIVA reserves the right to organize promotional or press conferences with the players who have won prizes of equal or greater value at 500 euros ( or equivalent amount in chips) .

11 . Freedom of Information
Hereby notifies the CASINO RIVA Player personally identifiable information collected is necessary for the use of games and services offered by CASINO RIVA .
In accordance with the French law " Informatique et Libertés" n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 , the Player has the right to oppose, access, modification , rectification and deletion of personal information concerning him. These rights can be exercised by sending an email to the following address:

Global Internet Ltd
Flat 1, 26 Cleveland Road
South Woodford , London
E18 2AN , England

CASINO RIVA agrees not to use this information for the sole need games and services for players .
However, under its trade agreements , CASINO RIVA may have to yield to his business partners personal data of its players . Any player has the opportunity to exercise his right to opposition from the contact form made ​​available on the website or by mail at the above address .

12 . Deposit of Regulation
CASINO RIVA filed this Regulation and all regulations of games to study Masters and Hauguel Schambourg , bailiffs in Paris 8th of August 4, 2010. (PV 20703623 ) .



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